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Eddie Martin - Play The Blues With Feeling (Independent)
Reviewed by G.P Throat, Jan 2006

Eddie Martin is a well traveled bluesman who has seen it all and done most of it too! Which is quite evident on this, his 8th album. His playing, both guitar and harmonica, is consistently at the top level, and his vocals are as believable as a white man singing the blues can be.

However, his styling is a little unfocussed. Ranging from upbeat opener 'Someone's’ Making Money', through the Country / Delta feel of 'My Black Mama' to the almost Ska-swing of Bubble Blues. I found it a little inconsistent and was left with the impression that Eddie didn't really know where to go with the album. But I'm sure that for some listeners, it will be a refreshing change to hear an album that encompasses so many forms of the blues and pulls the performances off along with it.

High points are the title track, a gritty blues growler echoing Muddy Waters complete with a great slide sound that Mr Morganfield would have been proud of himself. And the Instrumental closer 'Bone Shaker', which has some really nice harp and slide hooks within an interesting loose groove.

All in all Eddie does exactly what it says on his tin, or in this case his album cover. 48minutes of Blues... with feeling.