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The Immortal Lee County killers - These Bones Will Rise to Love You Again (Tee Pee Records)
Reviewed by G.P Throat, Jan 2006

To call this a blues album is possibly using more poetic license than is strictly legal. It would be a lot fairer to describe it as a Blues “Influenced” record. With seven of the eleven tracks coming in at under 3 minutes, it doesn't’t take a genius to hazard a guess that the County Killers have a lot of punkish type anger to vent, and this they do as well as most.

There is a fresh originality to their approach too, despite obvious nods towards The Stooges and MC5 (notably on the track Boom Boom). They attack songs with their own unique anger, and I get the feeling this is not an intentional approach, just the only way they know how to do things.

For me the high point of the Album is the acoustic blues ramblings of 'Stitched in Sin'. With it's wayward vocals and some thoughtful lyrics, it's more a homage to the Stones (Sweet Virginia) than Robert Johnson, but definitely showing that these lads have got the blues in them somewhere, it would just be nice to hear it a bit more often.

If you like your Blues unhinged and intense then you might find it somewhere on this record, not for diehard enthusiasts but an important foot note none the less!