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Creech Holler - With Signs Following 2006
Reviewed by Eric Gebhardt
Some time ago I sent an e-mail to an accuaintance asking about blues artists and what not in the area that could benefit from an article or review for Blues In London. He pointed me in the direction of Creech Holler, a rather unique blues band from the Nashville/Murfreesboro Tennessee area. I checked the band on the internet and got in cantact with them and a completely hilarious e-mail exchange proceded.
The e-mails disintegrated into intense and vulgar statements of 'I don't care about you' back and forth. I was left wondering who pissed in this guys beer when finally we realised there was simply a misunderstanding from a previous e-mail. After several notes of apology went to and fro I got them to send me thier album, 'With Signs Following'. I like a band of nice guys who are unwilling to take crap. I can imagine having a beer with these guys and then, later, get each others backs in a bar fight.
As for the music, it has hints of the hill country stomp but takes more from the music of appalachia such as Dock Boggs. (check out the spine tingling cover of Pretty Polly which opens the album) All of this played electric through fuzz pedals which, with the drone of the music already, gives it a Velvet Underground kind of snazz. I hate using the VU in reviews cause everyone does but you gotta be retarded not to notice it on this record.
This is basically roots music with some surprisingly smooth yet gritty vocals that should be able to appeal to even the slightest of open minded purists. However, there is still plenty of raunch and energy for the kids as well. One of my favorite tracks is the rootsy yet self penned 'Plague of Frogs'. And the slide on 'Poor Ol Maddie' is joyously nasty and sparse.

The only thing really wrong with the album is that it might drone you out too much to the point that you're not really listening anymore. But give it another chance, maybe take it on a road trip, you'll get it, trust me.
If you can only afford to buy five independant records this year then I suggest you make this one of them.