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The Black Keys - Chulahoma – The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough - (Fat Possum)
Reviewed by G.P Throat May 2005

The Black Keys Chulahoma a tribute to junior Kimborough contemporaty blues music

This is an EP with a difference!
Straight from the heart of singer Dan Auberch. An honest tribute to his inspiration.

It doesn’t feel like the record is designed to be used as a vehicle for the band themselves, just something that they love to do (maybe what Clapton was intending with the Robert Johnson thing, but failed). They could probably quite easily have come up with a double album in the same vein, but I don’t think that would have helped their career too much.

The liner notes (written by Auberch) are an honest and integral part to the whole concept of the EP. No pretensions, just a music fans account of how he became hooked on an artist and what it meant to him.

Their interpretation of Kimbroughs’ work is, as ever, second to none (as confirmed by Juniors’ wife in a secret clip). Gritty, sometimes uncontrollable guitars and hypnotic riffs, Coupled with Auberchs growling and soulful delivery create a sound that no other band could imitate.

There isn’t really a standout track, and it doesn’t really need one.
The 6 songs flow effortlessly into one another and despite the harsh guitar sounds, pounding drums and rasping vocals, there is a strange beauty to the whole thing.

There is an overwhelming sense of maturity in these tracks that I think was lacking in the last album (Rubber Factory), hopefully something the band will develop on their next recording.

It’s a must have for any Black Keys fan and will open up a whole different road for any Blues fan new to this branch of the genre
Basically, this EP is what the duo were born to do. No tricks, no hype, no ego’s, just good honest blues music played with passion.