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Bluesinlondon Nights 1 & 2
Leonard's EC1, Tower Bridge Road, 17.09.06 + 29.10.06

As we've said before, the whole point of this website is to encourage live blues music in this town, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before we started to put on events ourselves. Our opening night with Vulnerable Things, Sam Hare and The Velours was a great success on a very hot late summer evening, as you can see from these photos - even G.P's guitar was sweating!

In october we had outstanding performances from both Son Blues, with assistance on bass by Jamie Lawrence, and a great set by The Paul Garner Band.

Our plan is to do more, and hopefully establish the night as a regular and popular fixture on the London blues scene. In time we hope to increase our scope to include national and international artists, as well as continuing to showcase the fantastic London musicians who have already contributed, and who continue to contribute.

To do that we need your support. The night is funded entirely by the door money and the people who have already played have done so for a fraction of what they normally get paid in an effort to get a decent night established. The more people come along the more we can do right by the musicians and the more likely it is that we'll be able to continue booking top quality acts.

So come on London blues fans - support your local scene! Come down to the next one (details shortly...) and have an argument with us about our Top Fives face to face!

That bloke playing harmonica with The Velours looks a lot like the editor of bluesinlondon.
Sam Hare impressed on the slide in the first solo spot.

Vulnerable Thing G.P. Bennett

Son Blues and Jamie opened the second night

The Paul Garner Band