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Owen Houlston - The Red 8
The much-respected figure on the London blues scene has started his own band, and Owen is a man with a plan...

Henry's Funeral Shoe
The Welsh duo recently signed to Alive Records talk to Will Bray

Joe Filisko
For a man bearing such a burden, you’d think Joe Filisko would have broader shoulders...

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Mix plenty of traditional, deep south, old country blues, a sprinkling of cajun spice and a dollop of bluegrass will only result in an Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir cake...

Patrick Boissel, Alive Records - August 2009
Will Bray talks to the man responsible for bringing the likes of The Black Keys, Two Gallants, Black Diamond Heavies, Left Lane Cruiser and so many more to our shores.

Kim Wilson: Part 2 - June 2009
"... if your standard is Little Walter or Muddy Waters... B. B. King... Otis Redding... you know its really unattainable, but you're never gonna stop reaching for that."

Guy Tortora
"... there is a danger that the music might get stuck in some kind of sepia-toned museum. I try to re-combine the DNA of elements of some of the old stuff and put my own twist on it"

Kim Wilson: Part 1 - June 2009
The legend hisself talks to our man Julien Joyce about the Fabulous Thunderbirds upcoming UK shows

Madame Pamita
"I like old comic numbers from the 1800s, songs about drugs and booze, songs with sexual innuendo, anything that is odd."

Pete Feenstra
London's most tireless promoter of quality live music talks to Mark Harrison

Donnie Fritts
Eric Gebhardt talks to one of the leading architects of the Muscle Shoals Sound whose songs have been recorded by Percy Sledge, Dusty Springfield, John Prine and Kris Kristofferson...

Big Boy Bloater
"For me the 50's was the golden age of blues."

Little G. Weevil
"...lots of European blues guys think that they know everything about the Blues, but they have never been in the South. I know what I’m talking about because I was one of them."

Vulnerable Things' G.P.Benntt
"As for seeing us as a Blues band, well that’s the million-dollar question, isn't it? It comes down to what people deem to be Blues."

Reverend Beatman
"Buy a guitar trow away youe eyepot!"

Kid Ramos
"... But then I got the call to be in the Thunderbirds - Kim Wilson called and asked me - and that was one of those things that I knew that if I didn't do it I'd regret it forever."

Wade Schuman - Hazmat Modine
"Nothing you have heard before can prepare for Hazmat Modine" writes Garth Cartwright for BBC Radio 3, and he might have a point. You could do worse than start with this interview though...

Bob Meyer
He plays a mixed up folk-blues style that's all it's own...

Nathan James & Ben Hernandez
"... the very future of the blues, that is the real living blues now!" say's James Harman, and that's a good enough recommendation for us!

James Hunter
It's been a lively couple of years for James since we last interviewed him. Sharnalee Foster caught up with him for and update before the recent 100 club gig.

Bob Log III - Dec 2007
"I think they think the blues is a Fender Stratocaster played through a Twin Reverb and it's like, look man, that's not how anybody did it at the beginning."

Little George Sueref - Nov 2007
"I found Blues by accident, I started playing the Harmonica because it was the first thing that was available..."

Steve James - Nov 2007
"... I like to pass on aspects of the music. That's the way it's always been done."

Bob Brozman - Nov 2007
"The blues had always been at the base of my aesthetic senses..."

Robert Belfour - May 2007
"...there was just something about the guitar, I couldn't let it alone - I just had to keep messing with it."

Heavy Trash - Jon Spencer's Rockabilly Explosion - March 2007
"Me personally? Yeah, I think that I've done something for the Blues."

Steve Weston - Feb 2007
"You should think about doing your own thing. That’s the way forward!"

Honkeyfinger - Dec 2006
"...picking up an instrument and finding your own way of playing it - that for me is the spirit of the blues."

Bob Brozman - Nov 2006
"I am very respectful and humbled by great musicians..."

Catfish Keith - Nov 2006
"This is our 32nd tour of the UK since 1992"

Duck Baker - Sept 2006
"What I get proud about is things like Memphis Minnie singing What's The Matter With The Mill?"

Clarence Fountain - The Blind Boys of Alabama - July 2006
"'ll still be here when I'm gone"

James Hunter - June 2005
"'s just a load of pop songs really."

John Hammond - May 2006
"Blues will always be - It's life"

Charlie Musselwhite - May 2006
Mr. Christo Redemptor talks about his new CD and what keeps him on the road.

Wilko Johnson - April 2006
The Godfather of Punk Rock Blues, and a national treasure to boot. Arise sir Wilko of Southend!

Seasick Steve - Mar 2006
"There's not too many people just sitting with a guitar and making a record anymore."

Son Of Dave - Feb 2006
"I'm the next Stevie Ray Vaughan!"


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Paul Lamb UK Harmonica legend - Jan 2005
Big Joe Louis London blues royalty - Jan 2006

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Ian Seigal Highly regarded younger player - Sept 2005